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DIY Copper Glass Jar Upcycling : Copper Project

Lately i'm staying at home and expecting baby boy twins on November and i have a lot of time to make some designing and upcycling for home. Today's inspiration is copper project, i bought some cheap glass jar from tiger local store here in Denmark. I love to have some small plants at our home and that's make me inspired to make some modern vase but inexpensive way.

Glass jar

Masking white tape

Copper spray paint

Additional material: Mask

Step 1:

Cover the upper part of the jar using newspaper and sealed it with using masking tape. Put the masking tape on the prefer design you want in this tutorial i made some small paint on upper part and more on lower part.

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Step 2:

Spray the glass jar with copper paint and let it dry at least half day or 24 hrs for better result.

Step 3:

Slowly removed the masking tape and your done!

Tips: Place a small plant inside the jar or you can use it as ballpen storage or make up brush.

Now you have cheap glass copper vase modern and classy.

Happy thursday!!!!


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