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DIY Copper Tin Can Desk Organizer - Copper Project

Another week came and seems like days are getting fast now on my due, before i'm giving birth with our twins i promised i will make some post on my blog every week. Lately my husband and I eating more healthy and i'm using canned beans to out veggies and meat. Instead of throwing out the tin cans in the garbage i keep them because somehow i can repurpose. I have my own craft room at home and i need to organize my space this tin can organizer in copper chrome color are perfectly fit for my desk. Check out my last post DIY copper glass as part of my copper project.


  • Burlap rope or any kind of prefer ribbon
  • White paper , marker or stamps letter


Spray the tin can with copper chrome or prefer color paint. Make a first coating leave it for about 5- 10 minutes for a great result. After 5- 10 minutes you are ready for 2nd coating and leave it for half a day or 24 hours to make sure it all dry from top to bottom.

Precaution on spray paint: Don't do it inside the house if don't have proper ventilation and use mask while painting. Better to do it outside your house.


Prepare your paper, burlap rope and letter stamps. In this tutorial I used my eBosser to cut the edges of paper if you don't have any machine you can use a scissor and do it manually. I used a letter stamps as labeler but you can also print your prefer label.

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Make a 2 holes on both side of the paper and attach the burlap rope. Make some temporary knot at the back of tin can, it's the best way everytime you want to change the label.

And you're done good to use it!

Finally done with desk organizing at my craft room

Have a great day and share it

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